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Fuschia Fusion

     Zombie Starter Kit

Hand-dyed Yarn & Fibers. 

*Hand-dyed yarns.  Expect slight differences in each skein

Skinny-Ewe Lace  FlockSock   Silver-Sock  Super-Sheep DK BFL Roving
Fiji Lace Skinny Ewe Silver Sock  
Skinny Ewe Lace Yarn a 50/50 luscious blend of silk and merino wool.  Make your next lace project an heirloom project! 800yds per skein. FlockSock Sock Yarn75% superwash merino, 25% nylon blend. A 4-ply yarn with a 'hosiery' twist for strength,  durability, and excellent stitch definition yielding a soft yet durable blend. 400yds per skein. Silver-Sock Sock YarnA blend of superwash merino, silk, nylon and silver poly fiber. A softer twist, and a little 'bling', it's the perfect yarn to dress up the simplest sock pattern, or show off the most complex lace shawl project. 420yds per skein. Super Sheep DK Yarn100% superwash merino. Super soft, perfect for next-to-the-skin projects!265 yards per skein.  Blue-Face Leicester Roving 100% superwash BFL roving hand-dyed and ready to be turned into your next and most amazing project yet! Available in 4 oz bundles.
Some of our favorite patterns on Ravelry to use our Flocksock with are:
Color Affection Happy Street Color Craving
Dublin Tee Hitchhiker Leftie
Sockhead Hat Fibonerdy daybreak
color choice
Enter your Yarn Base and Color Choice.

Articado Captain Jack Rainbow Unicorn Chartreuse
Karma Mitternacht Namaste Crown Gold
Aerial View I suspect the Nargles Avatar Toucan Sam
Twilight BlackJack In the Navy Silver Screen
Storm-X Men Marvel
Wonder Woman- DC
(Fathom and Orange You Glad?- 2 Separate Skeins)

Black Widow-Marvel
Storm Wonder Woman Aquaman - Fathom &Orange you Glad (2 separate skeins Black Widow

Wolverine-X Men Marvel

Green Lantern- DC
Wolverine Green Lantern
For those of you who've been waiting...
Here ya go.   
Have some Bacon Yarn.
Bacon Swatch   Bacon yarn
Some Like It Hot Hera's Peacock Lady Edith Melonhead
Discord Chaos Nora's Birthday Confetti Nora's Ice Dragon in an Ice Storm
Chocolate Stout Dark Red Black Cherry 
Key Lime Irish Red Badger Black Pinot Noir
Elegant Rocco the Cat Tortoiseshell Kitty Nora's Peacock's Big Brother
Who Blue  Loden Green 
Who-Blue  Space Nerds Loden Green  La Playa
Absinthe  Delicate   Nora's Favorite Colors  Nora's Peacock
Absinthe   Delicate    Nora's Favorite Colors  Nora's Peacock 
Apollo Starry Night Pistol Star
Apollo Starry Night Pistol Star
Lochness Aqua-Marina
Lochness - read all about it here Jellyfish Nebula - read about it here Muse - read about it here Aqua-Marina 
Nora's Dinosaur Psyche & Cupid Waterdragon  
Nora's Dinosaur
Read all about it here
Psyche & Cupid *Myth Lace Club
Read all about it here
Nora's Waterdragon *Nora's Club!
Read all about it here
Nebula 2027 *Stellar Sock Club 
Read all about it here!
    Draco Barnyard
Artemis Persephone Draco Barnyarn by Nora
Lavender Buds Huffle Yellow Garnet
Lavender Bud Melted Butter Garnet
Orchid Hellfire Oceans by Nora Flowers
Orchid Hellfire Nora's Oceans   *Self-striping Nora's Flowers   *Self-striping
Figi November Vanilla
Fiji November Vanilla
Charcoal Juanna Lei?  Sunset
Charcoal Juana Lei? Romulan Raspberry Sunset
Cheeky Brillant    
Cheeky Brilliant Graple Ice Bear
Crush Candycane rose Garden Pretty in Pink
Crushed Candy Cane *Nora Rose Garden Teenage Romance *Nora Pretty in Pink
Amethyst Brusied Ego Goth Valentine  Monster Mash
Amethyst Bruised Ego Goth Valentine Monster Mash
Mint Mojito Copper Pennies Andromeda's Big Sister
Mint Mojito Fool's Gold Copper Pennies Andromeda's Big Sister
Embers (a.k.a. Lump of Coal) Dirty Bird Peach Sherbert
Embers Dirty Bird Peach Sherbet
Burnt Orange  Dark Olive Claret Gold Olive
Burnt Orange Dark Olive Claret Gold Olive
 Midnight Blue Leaves of Grass  Evergreen 
Snowy Branches *Nora Midnight Blue  Leaves of Grass Evergreen